What “No Fault” Means for You and Your Personal Injury Claim

The State of Florida is considered a “no fault” state, but what does that really mean and what does it mean for you if you sustained significant injuries and are facing looming medical bills and you have been out of work because of them.

No Fault is Whose Fault?

No fault does not mean that no one is at fault for the accident, in fact, it has nothing to do with laying blame. Being a no fault state means that Florida requires vehicle insurance companies to pay for the medical costs of those they insure, no matter which driver was actually at fault. This requirement falls under Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage.

What No Fault Means for You and Your Personal Injury Claim

So, why the need for personal injury lawsuits and attorneys? Because there is a catch – your PIP insurance will only pay 80% of your medical bills up to $10,000. You may not even receive the full $10,000 benefit if a medical professional does not consider your injuries to be an “Emergency Medical Condition”. If your injuries are not an “Emergency Medical Condition”, then you will only receive $2,500 in PIP coverage.

This leaves you with the remaining 20% of the bill, plus any treatment not covered and PIP insurance also has a deductible you must meet before they start to cover their part of the 80%.

To top it all off, the average cost of a visit to the Emergency Department after a car accident with minor injuries is estimated around $3,000. For more serious injuries that require hospitalization, your ER bill can jump to over $15,000. Should you need surgery, you can expect the bill to rise over $50,000. Fatal injuries can leave your loved ones with a larger bill, depending on the services rendered in the attempt to save your life.

This doesn’t even begin to consider the costs of recovery and rehabilitative services, or the amount of work you have missed because of your injuries. Nor does it touch on the emotional, mental, and physical pain you have been experiencing since the car accident.

Although your health insurance may help with some of the costs you are facing, you can bet that it won’t be enough to cover all of your expenses. Why should you suffer again and again if you did not cause the accident? Filing a personal injury lawsuit can help you to recover from the financial nightmare that the accident caused you.

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